Bling Salon and Spa, Lewes, Delaware
Bling Facial $90
Classic European facial, exfoliation, extraction and massage. This is the foundation for all of our skin care treatments. This is good for every skin type.  
Purifying Back Facial $90
Our "Bling" facial performed on the back.  
Glow To Go $50
An express, "Bling" facial.  

Custom Facials

Custom Deluxe Facial $135
An enhanced "Bling" facial. Customized to fit you skin type.  
Oxy-Peeling Treatment $110
A new technique to recover the youthful glow of young skin. A smoother, brighter surface and a firmer texture. A true skin rejuvenation treatment with immediate and lasting results without the irritation and redness caused by traditional chemical peels.  
Cellular Water Treatment $135
For those who want to regain the energy and radiance of healthy skin using physiological trace minerals and vitamins.  
Time System Treatment $135
A targeted action on the marks of time. Helps to improve wrinkles, and sagging skin.  
Cyclo Repair Treatment $135
Smoothes and redefines the face, neck, and neckline of mature skin with the help of natural ingredients like soy and wild yam.  
Hot Stone Facial $135
A classic European facial with the addition of heated stones for extreme relaxation.  

*Prices are subject to change.