Bling Salon and Spa, Lewes, Delaware
Body Polish $80
A gentle exfoliating treatment that smooths and softens the skin while removing surface impurities.  
Sun On The Run $90
First we start with an exfoliating body polish to create a smooth surface then we apply an all over bronzing treatment for a safe and effective way to tan.  
Cellulite Contour Wrap (Specialty Wrap) $125
A unique formulation of ingredients that utilize botanicals to lessen the appearance of cellulite.  
Sea Kelp Firming Wrap (Specialty Wrap) $125
Sea kelp combined with vitamins A, E+ C, partnered with extracts of ginkgo biloba and fennel to help tone and purify the skin.  
Shio Doru Detoxifying Wrap (Specialty Wrap) $125
Salt mud that is comprised of sea salt from Okinawa, humic acid from fresh Baltic lakes and peat extract this treatment uniquely conditions the skin and detoxifies the body.  

* Prices are subject to change